Thursday, January 19, 2012


Warning: next 4-5 posts contain A LOT of pictures!


Disney 2012 rocked!! We had so much fun and the warm Florida sun was just what I needed to get over my post-Christmas-pre-spring funk. Every time we're in Florida Scott asks "and why don't we live here?"


This year we decided to fly out Tuesday evening so we had a full day Wednesday at a park. I picked everyone up after school and we headed straight to the airport. Baggage drop-off, security check, and flight boarding all went smoothly and before we knew it, we were on our way!

Eating in the STL airport. In addition to our regular 9 (us + Grammy + Aunt Fran + Bau Bau), my sister Kathy and niece Ann joined us this year!

Orlando airport

We arrived at the hotel around 10pm and our luggage finally made it to our room at 1am! I was starting to get worried that what we were wearing would be all we had for the week :)


Wednesday came with a very good chance for rain, so we decided to go to Animal Kingdom. A lot of the attractions are under cover and since it's a park that you don't need a ton of time for, we thought it was the best choice. We did end up staying til close and I think we got to see and do everything on our list.

Brady loved the flamingos...he could not figure out how they stood like this!

The Lion King is one of my favorite shows at Disney. Cate slept through it last year but this year she was wide awake and chosen to be in the show!

Brady says he wants to be a "flying monkey" when he gets older (obviously the perfect job for him!)

Cate's favorite part of Disney World was meeting all of the characters and having them sign her autograph book...she went through two books! I have at least 200 pictures of her with every princess, fairy, and stuffed character we could find!

With 11 people, coordinating meals and what rides to ride and when, was not an easy task. However, it went a lot better than fists thrown or blood shed!! Actually it was more like "where are we going now?" followed by 10 "I don't cares"!!!


Scott's favorite part of Disney World are the parades. Animal Kingdom has a really cool 3:00 parade that circles the park. It's short and sweet and it wasn't crowded so our seats were front row.

We were caught in one major rain shower. Actually, everyone except me, Ann, and Bau Bau were caught in the rain...we took cover while everyone else was on a ride!
Soaked but it was a warm rain :) and there was no slowing us down!

I can't figure out if Cate was unsure about Pluto putting her Brady in a headlock or if she was mad that she was going to have to share a picture with her brothers!!!

A Bug's Life 3D show. The kids really loved it. One of the staff members thought it would scare Cate because it was really dark and bugs fly at you from everywhere but she thought it was really funny.

Once the park closed, we headed to Rainforest Cafe for dinner. Delish!

Ben thought it was funny to create the illusion that he was taking a drink from the elephant fountain ;)

Once back at the hotel, the kids went swimming. It was cold, but the pools were heated and the kids are stubborn enough to insist on sitting in the pool long after their lips have turned blue :)

GREAT first day at Disney!!

Thursdays Park...Magic Kingdom (ooohhhh ahhhhh)

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