Monday, August 8, 2011

Why I'm Crazy

A conversation in the car tonight:

Scott: "Your mom and I are going to stay in a hotel in Clayton one night soon and you guys are staying at Fran's"

Carter: "You're going to Mexico without us? This sucks!"

Bennett: "They're not going to Mexico, they're going to France"

Brady: "Why would you go to France for one night?"

Cate: "MY BOYS STOP TALKING, IT'S MY TURN TO TALK!!! We are going to Frannie's while those people stay in a hotel without us"

Bennett: "Why would you want to stay in a hotel without us?"

Me: "Seems crazy doesn't it Ben?"


Adriane said...

HAHAHA! Got a little taste of sleeping in a bed by yourself and now you're all over it. :-) Love your kids. Miss you guys.

PS - You've always been crazy - this didn't start 14 years ago.

Jen said...

Too funny that the youngest is the only one who listens.