Wednesday, August 24, 2011


That's the text I would have gotten from Cate after her first day of preschool if she had a phone and could text :)

Cate's first day of preschool was an orientation where parents stayed the entire class time. The kids went into another classroom, but they knew we were there. That's why it was smooth sailing on day number one :)

Cate and Reid (Reid loved school and asked his mom to leave so he could stay by himself! And let's be honest, after finally getting all three boys in school, Candi was more than happy to leave!)

Cate loved the first day so much that we were the very last people to leave when it was over.

But out in the parking lot I asked if she was ready for the next day and she said "I'm not going to school anymore" Uh oh.

However, on day #2, she was up and ready to go bright and early. She walked into class fine but once she realized I was leaving, those baby blue eyes filled with tears and she wanted to go home. Thankfully, Miss Teresa was there to help and kept Cate's attention long enough for me to sneak out. She said that when she did realize I had gone, she cried, but they were able to entertain her enough to get through the 2.5 hours. Cate was very happy to see me at the end of the hallway at 11:15! First thing she said when we walked out of the building was "I am not going back to school ever again!" And, she hasn't. I know, I know..."she'll be fine". I've heard this a zillion times from a zillion different people, but "fine" isn't good enough and I'm not dragging a screaming child to preschool...because I don't have to. It's not like I have to drop her off at school so I can go to work..we enrolled her for the social aspect and because we love the school. So, our plan is to ease her into it...we'll try again tomorrow and then on Friday. And if she's not ready, then she's not ready and we'll try again next year.

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