Friday, August 12, 2011


Last weekend, Carter and I spent the entire weekend in Iowa by ourselves! His 3v3 soccer team played in a regional tournament in Cedar Rapids. Because Brady had a baseball tournament in Glen Carbon, we decided that Carter and I would make the trek by ourselves. It was so weird to travel with just one child. I wasn't a fan of having to drive the entire trip by myself..especially when Carter plugged in his headphones and watched movies on his computer or when he took a two hour nap...I was soooo bored. FYI, the only thing between here and Cedar Rapids is farmland....lots and lots of cows, horses, and corn.

Awww...look at that empty car seat in the back :( Carter was thrilled to have an entire weekend without siblings!10 and 2. This was the first time I've ever used cruise control. I seriously don't have the attention span for road trips...I think I looked at everything but the road the entire time (sorry Mom!)
Welcome to Cedar Rapids!

This was heaven for Carter...he could play on his laptop while admiring himself in the mirror :)

Practicing his backstroke. He was in rare form most of the weekend. All I wanted to do was lay in my own bed, read a book, and control the remote...but he sang and danced for 40 hours straight! At one point I kicked him out of the room....told him to go find his friends and do something fun. Wasn't ten minutes later he walked back in...they had gotten in trouble by the hotel manager for playing full-blown soccer in the hallway. They were threatened to be kicked out of the only took 10 minutes!!! Ugh.

I have no idea what this is about. But he did count his bday money over and over and over. Thankfully he has since bought a new Ipod touch and has no more money to count :)

I had to take a few soccer pictures to prove to Scott that I did not send Carter to the games with teammates so I could stay in bed all day!

"Those Guys" are Disney-bound!!! Woohoo!

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