Sunday, August 21, 2011


LOVED IT. That was the text Carter sent me moments after the bell rang ending his first day of highschool. With those two little words, I was able to let go of the breath I've been holding since his last day of 8th grade (or maybe his first day of preschool). Last Monday, I joined him for Freshman Orientation. Fifteen minutes into the meeting, the 9th graders were dismissed with upperclass leaders and given the grand tour of their "home" for the next four years. My stomach sank as Carter joined the other 500 kids and left me to sit with all of the parents wondering where time has gone. Weren't we just walking these kids into their first day of kindergarten?? Thankfully Carter's core group of friends have in fact all been together since kindergarten and this is a journey I'm grateful to be taking with such an amazing group of moms. Speaking of amazing moms....(ha!)

humoring me with a picture before orientation

To be honest, I haven't been handling this highschool thing very well. Me...the least emotional person ever...has cried more tears in the last few weeks than probably the last few years combined. Pitiful, really...I've become a real wimp :( But my four years of highschool were some of the best years of my life and I just want the same for him. I was so happy when he walked through the door that first afternoon and started talking a mile a minute about how awesome his day was. *sigh of relief*

Carter made the highschool soccer team and starting Wednesday, I'll be parked in the bleachers, wearing my red and black, and cheering for #5!!! For their first official practice two weeks ago, the boys practiced at was a fundraiser to kick off the season. I was burying my head in the sand and decided to forgo the practice and stay home with Cate :) Scott took the camera and from the above picture, you can see how well that went! Aunt Kathy took plenty of pics and videos and my parents gave me the play by play the following day so I think I have a pretty good idea of how it went...LOTS of running (Carter was in the yellow).

So, for now, I'm going to dry my tears, put a smile on my face, and hope the next four years go extremely slow! Here's to a very successful freshman year....GOOD LUCK CARTER!!!

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