Friday, August 19, 2011

Dancing Queen

Tonight was Cate's very first dance class. (Yes, it was also the first day of school, but I'll get around to that another day!). So, a few months ago, Adriane and I decided we were going to put Cate and Gabby and Gracie in dance class together. But, life happens, and we just now got around to signing them up. We chose The Little Gym because it offers an hour long class and breaks it up into 15 minutes of tap, 15 minutes of ballet, and 30 minutes of gymnastics. The session is like 22 weeks long (!) and there is no end-of-the-year recital...something I was trying to avoid. I really wanted a place that was laid back and didn't concentrate on routines, etc. Of course, anytime I spoke of dance class, Cate wanted nothing to do with it. I found this great deal online for a tutu, leotard, and tights for $12.99..holla! I figured a new outfit would be just enough to bribe her into the gym! MauMau bought her tap and ballet shoes for Christmas so we were set. This morning she woke up and immediately started whining about dance was the perfect time to break out the new outfit. Yay for Cate's love of clothes, it worked!! By the time class started, she was super excited :)

Her tap shoes were missing strings, so I improvised with Disney Princess ribbon :)
She was very unsure at first...a few tears were shed, but she sucked it up and joined in the fun
I was so proud of Cate's behavior tonight...she listened and followed directions perfectly. After the class, the teachers commented to me and Scott about how great Cate did and how much they appreciated her listening skills. (and let's be honest, this wasn't a sure thing going into it!)

At one point, they turned on the radio for "free dance" time. All of the girls were jumping around and dancing, but Cate parked herself right in front of the mirror and did her one and only move...turn and leg kick :) She loved the mirrors!

I love this picture! She was so eager to learn :)

High-five for learning first position!

I love this picture too...admiring herself in the mirror again :)

Uh-oh...double trouble is back in action! Cate and Grace had a great time in the gymnastics room and Gabby joined in the fun too. The girls have missed each other!

Such good listeners!

The lighting in the rooms was no good for my camera...I may need to tell them about it so I can get some better pictures!
Cutest dismount ever!

Grace is still a wild woman!
Next week they're learning "Ta-Da's" and how to bow. Cate is VERY excited about this!!

I'm so glad we signed her up and that she really loved it. Finally, after years of watching her brothers get to have all the fun, it's her turn! On the way home, she made a list of everyone she expects to come to her next classes to watch her :) With 21 weeks left, we may be able to fit everyone in! Gabby and Grace were very shy during the dancing part but really got into it during the gymnastics and I'm hoping Adriane keeps them in the class...the girls will have a blast!! Oh and if you're wondering what Scott thought about sitting through his first dance class...well, let me quote him "Cate you did so great and followed directions really well. But Debbie (I knew what was coming because he never says my name) if she acted like those other two girls in class, I'd have yanked her out and beat her butt, then I'd smack you too. Where were their mothers?? They were out of control and disrupting everyone. Cate, if they ever push you, you give it right back to them". Soooo, I will now be video taping the future sessions and showing it to him when I get home! Even a calm dance class can turn into a freak show for the Smallie's!!!

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