Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Then and Now

Three weeks ago, Brady brought home a homework assignment from his kindergarten class. He was to decorate an "All About Me T-shirt". It was due yesterday so they could hang them in the hallways for parent/teacher conferences this week. We finished the project at 10pm Sunday night. Great habits we're teaching our kids, I know. Anyway, he needed a family picture on his poster and of course we have none, so we set the timer on my camera and hoped for the best. He had a similar project last year in preschool and today I dug out that group photo from my photo archives. Funny that we're in the same pose and even the same order! Although this year, we were all suffering from fresh sunburns after sitting through seven soccer games over the weekend. And I'm shocked I was still smiling... I ran a 10k that morning, made it to all three boys soccer games, and went grocery shopping!Bennett has less hair, Carter has much darker hair, Cate actually has hair, and Brady is still smiley!
One big happy family!

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Adriane said...

Love the family pics!! Everyone has changed so much!!!