Saturday, October 23, 2010

Random Stuff

I'm so ready for October to be over. This fall has totally kicked my butt. Seven soccer practices a week and at least five games every weekend has left me one very exhausted soccer mom. Of course, in a few months, I'll be begging mother nature to deliver warm weather and I'll promise "to never complain about the heat and my kids sports again". Vicious cycle.

Kids were off Thursday/Friday for Parent-Teacher Conferences. Bennett and Brady's went great...awesome grades, awesome kids, blah blah blah. I didn't go to Carter's (first time ever). I figure being married to his teacher is my free pass to skip. We ended up spending some time at the park.

Cate has been pacifier free for a few months now. She's two so it shouldn't be shocking, however, her brothers were all over the age of four before they gave theirs up. So weird that now when I see older kids with pacifiers, I think it looks silly. What a hypocrite I am! However, my worst fears have been realized and Cate has become a thumb sucker! Not all the time, but when she's watching tv or tired in the car, she has her thumb in her mouth. The boys are freaking out about this...almost as much as Scott :)
There was a hawk visiting our tree this week. It was trying to eat squirrels. We had to keep Murphy inside. Hawk eating squirrels=cool entertainment. Hawk eating your dog=traumatized children.

On Friday, we went to the Relleke's for a bonfire and hayride. They own a pumpkin farm, so halfway through the ride, they set everyone free in the fields and we picked pumpkins til the beer ran out :)

Bennett, Brady, Kile, and Rhett

Taking a rest on a cow pumpkin


Bennett has been chosen as "Student of the Week" next week and gets to decorate an entire bulletin board with whatever he wants. He has his swim ribbons and pictures ready to hang up on Monday. For the "most favorite things" part, he's bringing in this bad boy.....

State Championship trophy!


This is to prove that Carter does still exist..he's just way too cool to hang out with us anymore

Happy Last Week Of October!!!!!

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