Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Math Lesson Gone Wrong

Brady is a lover of money. He seeks coins from every pocket, dresser, purse in our home. And when he hears change flopping around in the dryer, he's waiting for it to be opened so he can catch the coins. When he is at an arcade, he usually pockets his money, and is happy to watch everyone else play. I know there's a point to this story somewhere. Ahh yes. Alina.

On Brady's birthday, Alina sent him a card with a ten dollar bill inside. Brady was ecstatic. This definitely jumped Alina up to #1...far above the other girls who just want hugs from him. She knew money was the way to his heart. And what made this even more perfect...Brady and his daddy had tickets to the Cardinals game that very night. He tucked that $10 into his wallet and off to the game they went. Scott said he checked and double checked all night to make sure it was still there. During the 7th inning stretch, he could take it no more, and off they went in search for a souvenir shop. Brady decided on a small wooden Cardinals bat (I'm sure to use as a weapon during basement wrestling matches). Little big man walked up to the counter and handed the guy his bat. Total bill $8.93. Brady handed the man his ten, the man handed him $11.07 back, Brady put it in his wallet, grabbed his new bat, and got the hell out of the store. Thankyouverymuch. About twenty minutes later when they were standing in line for nachos, Brady pulls out his wallet and Scott questioned why it had more money in it now, after he paid for the bat. Receipt showed the man rang it in as Brady paying with a $20-not a $10. Oops. Brady's excuse..."we're not that far into math yet in my class, I had no idea if he gave me the right change". Uh huh. I'm not buying it...bunch of BS if you ask me but they were already back in their seats, and it was never brought up again. Although the huge grin he had on his face when he came home and showed off his new bat while patting his wallet, proved to me that he knew exactly what had happened and he loved every minute of it.
Brady Smallie 1 Busch Stadium 0

Brady and Alina...his favorite

Bottom line... Brady is lucky. He has won $893 in a raffle (he bought a new dishwasher:p), and at every skating party he is always chosen for a gift. He probably needs to start picking our lottery tickets :)

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Adriane said...

He definitely needs to pick lottery numbers!!!!