Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Park Hopper

Cate and I are really enjoying our days together. I am trying to spend as much quality time with her as possible, so we have been spending a lot of time at the bookstore, browsing for toys at Target, and almost everyday we end up at a park. We literally spend at least an hour at Target one morning a week. No lists, no cart... just me tagging along, following her up and down each and every aisle...reading books, playing with toys ("put this on my Chwistmas list"), and admiring the new holiday decorations. It's nice to be able to offer her this laid back, no agenda, time since our afternoons and weekends are currently booked with soccer practice and games!
Sometimes we leave the bookstore and head to Culvers to get a scoop of vanilla for her and a fountain coke :) for me. She loves eating inside!
She's not too picky about parks. As long as it has swings and something to climb, she's happy. We've been to every park within 20 miles of our home and she loves them all :)
Her favorite thing to do is climb...here she is showing her muscles after scaling this "huge" wall
Hiding so I can't take her picture

Please don't tell Brady that we go to the park while he is at school. He still believes we stay home everyday and wait on the couch til he walks through the door at 2:45. And if he finds out about our Thursday morning plans to the zoo, I may have to start sleeping with one eye open.


Jen said...

You are so lucky to have that one-on-one time with her!

Adriane said...

Cute pics!!! Did we do a park post on the same day? Hilarious!