Thursday, October 7, 2010

P is for.....

P is for....pee! And poop! I know it's gross, but this is big news around here. This morning, Cate went number 1 & 2 on the big potty. WOOHOO. I think I'm making a big issue out of this because Scott and I have completely slacked on the potty training thing and I'm just glad she's not waiting on us to get our act together. She has stayed dry overnight for the last six months and if I put her on the potty first thing in the morning, she's pretty good about going. However, trying to get her 3 brothers up, showered, packed, and out the door before school leaves little time for me to sit and hang out with her in the bathroom. And usually when I ask her if she wants to use the big potty she says "no thanks", which I'm often grateful for. But this morning she said she wanted to go and I had a few minutes to hang out...and then I made Carter sit with her while I finished making his lunch...and then he left for school and I hung out with her a little more. Finally she said "here it comes" and ta-da...there it was! As soon as she was done she said, "let's go to Target and get me a new baby" (something I've been bribing her with). Of course, the toilet wouldn't flush and I thought we would be reminded of her big movement moment for days to come, but it ended up flushing and off to Target we went :) Checking out all of the toys
She decided on this baby/stroller combo. I was smart and asked if they would cut it out of the box before we left...saved myself from lots of screaming on the way home! (She gets her impatience from her dad). Of course, she named the baby Phoebe.

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