Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday Blues

I'm not feeling great today. I have a bad cold and can't breathe or taste anything. I even made a great new recipe for dinner and everyone raved about it....even Bennett..(he said "you've finally cooked a meal I actually like") and I couldn't even taste it. Boo hiss.

Chicken spaghetti-recipe from The Pioneer Woman. Used a bit less cheese in the filling and more on the top...figured boys were more likely to eat it if it was smothered in cheese.

Carter, Bennett, and Brady enjoying some good eats and great conversation.

Cate was a bit ornery today. More so than usual. The highlight was when she put Bennett's hockey jersey on and got stuck. Made herself a little straight-jacket. Karma...love it :)

And I ate some crow today. I have yet to meet a mother who hasn't fallen victim to the "I'd never" trap, and I'm definitely an overachiever in this category. After having three boys, you'd think I would have learned my lesson...but noooo. When I was pregnant with Cate, I said to Scott "Cate will always have the cutest outfits on and her hair fixed when we leave the house. I will never take her out in public with mismatched clothes or dirty face". HAHAHAHA! Seriously, what was I thinking? Anyway, today when I had to run to Farm Fresh for some milk, Cate, with chocolate all over her mouth, insisted on wearing a stained dress, non-matching pants, no socks, and a hat that had a a huge crease in it. Again, I ate my words, but I was in no mood to argue with her. I am still learning to accept that some days are just like that and I need to move on.

Of course, she still looks super cute!

I just took my Benedryl D and my Ambien sleeping pill (don't worry Mom, the pharmacist at Walgreens said it was ok) and I'm hoping for a good nights sleep. Tomorrow is a do-over.

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