Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today, Cate had her friends Gabby and Gracie over. aka my "Tuesday/Wednesday girls". aka Gracie and Gabby They have the best time together!!! Disregard the ring of food around their mouths...we were having snacks outside and toddlers are messy!

Gracie is the silliest little girl...hard not to smile when she is around!

Future HGTV star?

"Hello Friends! Welcome to Cate's Cottage"

Had to zip her up before entering

"Watch your step Gabby"

Gracie soaking up some sunshine!!!

But all that playing made her very tired. Poor thing had to rest her head on the window :)

Murphy was just as tired. He can't hide from the girls. Every time he's out of sight, one of them yells "Where's Furfy" and the hunt begins til someone yells "OH Furfy!!"

We love Tuesdays (especially sunny/warm Tuesdays!)

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