Thursday, March 11, 2010


Today was crazy busy. We.....
(as in me, Brady, and Cate) went to the zoo
I love this picture of Cate jumping off the ledge....her little feet in her shadow look so cute! She walked along the "curb" throughout the entire zoo and Brady and I were more than happy to keep her leisurely pace...we had nowhere else to be and the sun was shining!
Of course it wouldn't be a normal zoo trip without Cate assaulting at least one animal. She literally backed this poor turkey into the corner at the river otter exhibit. She was so mad that he was running loose!!! (I love that Brady just crosses his hands and patiently waits for her to move on!) **I found the picture below of Cate attacking a turkey at the same spot in the zoo last April...same turkey?? **
This damn chicken walked right over my shoe. I thought it was Cate untying my laces and I reached down and grabbed it....FREAKED ME OUT!!! We ate fried chicken for dinner in its honor ;-)

Naked mole gross.

Brady learned to ride his bike without training wheels. He took them off at my moms yesterday and perfected his balance today. Over and over and and out of every driveway on our street!!!

Bennett went from this....

To this....(his choice, although I'm thrilled!)
Cate smuggled a water spray bottle into the car on the way to soccer and soaked everything and everyoneAnd Carter had a 6:40 soccer game in St. Charles. I didn't get any good pictures of the game because he was running so fast (haha just kidding, my camera died). So... I took this picture of him plopped in front of the big screen playing XBOX live and chatting it up with his BFF's. If I ever want to see him, I have to either go downstairs and watch him play XBOX, catch a glimpse of him as he runs for a potty break, or call for dinner :) We let him play an excessive amount of XBOX because his grades are still so great and he plays soccer at least four days a week, but he knows once it gets warm, his butt is heading outside!!!

And that concludes my Thursday review. Tomorrow is "Debbie Friday" (thanks mom), and I can't wait!!!


Jen said...

You took some great pictures! I bet it was so peaceful to go with just the two of them. Delaney has the same outfit as Cate. Have a great Mommy Day today!!

Adriane said...

I love the Zoo pics, too. AND Miss Cate is wearing a bow???

Bennett's haircut looks awesome. Oh, how the ladies will talk. And I can't believe Brady is without training wheels. Sniff, sniff.

Adriane said...

HEY - I am positive it's the same turkey! You know the other animals called the turkey to tell him that Cate S was on her way and he was trying to make a break for it.