Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wild Week!

How much fun can you pack into 8 days? Well, let me show you....

We had Brady's "family party" last Saturday. Definitely at maximum capacity for fire safety!

On Sunday, we attended cousin Reece's 4th birthday party

Cate wanted to play with all of the gifts

Monday night was the Homecoming parade

We got lots of candy!

Bennett and DJ waiting for the parade

Cousin Jon decorated for Homecoming

Annie played in the Powder Puff game and kicked a field goal! Notice the male cheerleaders...very entertaining

Carter had a soccer tournament this weekend and won the championship! GO SLSG-Green!!

We did laundry. How ya like that outfit? Cate's really into dressing herself lately. I'll blog all about that soon!

Annie before the Homecoming Dance. Doesn't she look fabulous?!

Bennett and Brady and their hero, J.D. (future Louisville Cardinal and/or MLB star!)

Ann and Jon before dance.

Today, we had a "kid" birthday party for Brady. His final birthday celebration of 2009! We invited 20 of our favorite people and had a blast in the YMCA gymnastics room.

Bennett diving into the foam pit

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Jen said...

Great pics! Love the music :)