Tuesday, October 20, 2009

First Haircut and Halloween Fun

Cate had a hair-over-her-ears issue that I couldn't let go, so I took her to my hair lady for a very minor haircut. And when I say minor, I mean, like, 10 strands of hair around her ears. But it made a huge difference (ok, probably not huge) and I've quit obsessing about it. She looks so grown up! Reading my new phone manual...very advanced, I know.

Forcing Brady to listen to her "read"

Sunday night, we carved the first of our six pumpkins. I think it turned out pretty great!

Checking things out...

My charming twosome

Because Carter is way too cool to hang out with his family, I have few current pictures of him. So, I thought I'd throw this one in. His soccer team has added homework to his schedule...in addition to 2-3 practices/week and 2-3 games/week. Not unlike his school homework, he often has to "cram" the night before his soccer notebook is checked. I snapped this shot of him late last night.

On Monday, Brady had his school field trip to the pumpkin farm (that makes 3 trips for us so far). Scott and Cate joined us and we lucked out with beautiful..dry..weather!

Riding a tractor...I think this was his favorite part

Cate on the haystack slide

Brady and Blake

Cate snuggling with daddy on the hayride

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