Saturday, October 24, 2009

Some Braggin' On My Boys

This week marked the end of the first quarter of school (only 3 more til summer!) Thursday and Friday were parent/teacher conferences. I dread this for two reasons....1-I have to meet with the boys teachers and it makes me nervous! 2-Scott has his own conferences, so I am left home with all four kids for two straight days. And it rained. Hard. Terrible, horrible, stupid 48 hours. I nearly did not survive. But, the silver lining was that the boys grades were awesome! Bennett had straight A's. In fact, his lowest average was a 97.4%. Out of 11,000 total points, he missed 173. Amazing. His teacher said he is a great student, no behavior problems, top reader, blah blah blah. She was laughing when I walked into her classroom because she couldn't get over how many of the girls parents had asked about Bennett during their conferences. She said "the ladies love him". Carter's conferences went just as well. He has a 'B' in math, but he's in Algebra this year and it's getting pretty tough. I always say a little prayer that he finishes his work in class so I don't have to help with it :) His teachers reported the same thing we've heard since he started school....very social, likes to talk to the girls, zones out occasionally, but a really great kid. Carter loves his teachers this year and has been very excited about school.
Brady didn't have conferences, but his gym teacher stopped Scott the other day to tell him that when he sets up an obstacle course for Brady's class, he has to make a completely different one for Brady because he's so coordinated and athletic. Duh. With two big brothers treating him like he's their age, he doesn't have any choice but to keep up!

So, that's about it. Just a little braggin' for three boys who totally deserve it (this week!) Oh, and I'll leave you with a picture of Cate...I have a feeling her future parent/teacher conferences won't be nearly as easy :) (Notice her newest "ouchie" ..jumped off a couch and hit her head on a coffee table)

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Jen said...

You've got GREAT boys!