Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Party

Today was Brady's classroom Halloween party. Bennett's too, but teachers run those, so parents are off the hook :) Brady had a fun time and brought home a huge bag of goodies! Making a bracelet
Bowling over ghosts

Beach ball volleyball in the gym

Showing Justin (or Austin-they're identical twins) how to chisel the ice block to find bugs!

Painting a wooden pumpkin

Mrs. B put me in charge of making the cream and 7-up...delish?!

"Crawling through a cave" during storytime

This is a poster in Brady's classroom. Last year for Mother's Day, the kids planted sunflowers in painted pots. We transplanted Brady's into our backyard and they grew to over 6-ft tall!! We sent the bottom-left picture in to show how successful they were!

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