Saturday, August 1, 2009


Today was the SWISA championship meet. It rained. Hard. And for a very long time. We were soaked, but we survived and it was a success! Both Carter and Bennett swam and did great. They each placed in the top 10 in all of their races...very impressive considering Carter is in the bottom of his age group this year and Bennett has only been swimming for three weeks. Scott was the head timer and had to time all 80 races. Cate and I sat next to him under the tents and tried to keep dry. She sat with me for over five hours and never whined or ran off. She even took an hour nap! We are very thankful that she's so easy going and laid back (in public) many people made it a point to compliment us on her behavior.
Carter and Bennett is the bullpen waiting for their first race
Carter swimming backstroke
Hunter and Bennett before their freestyle race
Swimmers take your mark.....
Go Ben Go!!

Helping daddy time the races

Big Splash!!

This is about the only time I saw Brady all day. He was having a lot of fun in the bullpen!

Carter swimming butterfly

Taking a little break

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