Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Carter!

The big 1-2. Can't believe it. Pre-teen at its worst. The beginning of attitudes and drama. Scott and I are well aware there is no end in sight. Carter will be 18 when Bennett hits his teenage years and then right behind Ben is Brady...and all hell will break loose with Cate. Someone throw me under a bus.

Ok, back to Carter. On Monday, I received a letter addressed "To the Parents of Carter Hall". This always flips my stomach and makes me sweat. The return address was "Representative Holbrook". Oh hell. However, rather than a letter letting us know Carter's prison cell is ready, it was a letter congratulating him on making honor roll all year. (Big sigh of seriously could have gone the other way).

Let's do the run-down on Carter. He is a great kid...very mischievous, but still a great kid. He is very athletic, smart, and funny. And social. Maybe too social. He has a core group of friends that he has hung around since kindergarten. They all play baseball, soccer, and basketball together and I've been lucky enough to become great friends with their parents. Makes 12 baseball games in one week bearable...even fun. Carter's teachers have all loved him and he's always made very high grades. Carter always needs to have friends around...going somewhere, hanging out, on the phone..etc. And the girls...god help me..the girls. He is girl-crazy. Loves em' all. 2700 text messages last month. Mostly from girls. And they're all 2 feet taller than he is...very funny.

Carter has gotten himself into plenty of trouble through the years. Broken neighbors windows, spray painted the front of the house, holes in walls...oh, and my favorite...we got a call from the maintenance manager of our local pool to say when they were power washing the front pool, they found Carter's name carved into the deep end...first and last name. DUH! Book smart yes....common sense..not so much.
Here are some of my favorite Carter pictures....

Carter and cousin Jon at his 3rd birthday party

Definite yearbook material

First day of preschool (those were the days)

BFF...6th birthday party. Carter is 4th from right. Ahh, how sweet these boys used to be

Showing off his honor roll recognition letter


Jen said...

This is just an excuse for you to put in great pics of yourself! We love you Carter - happy bday!

vanessa said...

Happy Birthday Carter!!

Crista said...

Oh, wow, I have tears in my eyes! How did we get so lucky that our kids have stayed friends so long???