Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Family Picture

Today at Brady's Open House he was given homework. And not the "do it yourself" kind. His "homework" was to bring in a photo of him with his pets and a family picture. We have no family pictures, so we had to take one tonight. This should be so much easier than it was. We decided to sit on the couch and tried to set the self-timer. Couldn't figure the first camera out, so we switched. Finally, I had the timer set and we were all ready. This was the first result:Whoops....need to fix the zoom! We had a huge laugh over this.

Second try...turned out pretty darn good for using the self-timer (and it being 9:45pm!)

Murphy and Brady


Adriane said...

Love the pic!!!!!

kajk193 said...

Um, where's buddy???

vanessa said...

Great family pic!!

Debbie S. said...

Buddy wanted nothing to do with sitting still for pictures.