Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to School

Woo Woo!! Can you hear the angels singing? I can! Today was Carter and Bennett's first day back to school. (Brady starts next week) This year, our school district adopted a uniform policy. No more fighting over who is wearing what...they have no choice! Khaki, navy, or black pants/shorts (cargo, OK) and white, navy, black, or red collared shirts. I think Carter is having a hard time figuring the whole uniform thing out because yesterday he said he hopes he wins "best dressed" for his class again this year. Hello??!!! And when he was worried that he and his BFF were going to wear the same thing on the first day, I had to sit him down and explain (very slowly) that everyone would be wearing the same thing!!!!!!!! It may be a long year with him...good luck to his teachers!
Carter starts 7th grade today and Bennett is in 2nd grade. (Notice the toilet paper in our yard from being t-p'd Tuesday happy school is starting!)

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