Tuesday, November 11, 2014

summer wrap-up

The Summer of 2014 was so good to us!  We spent lots of time at the pool, on the lake, and well, just together.  And I mean A LOT of time together. Tons. And we survived! 
The following is an incredibly long photo diary of our July/August fun :-)

Shaw Park

Fitz's Rootbeer

Cahokia Mounds

That one time Brady played with Bennett's baseball team

and schooled everyone....

that one time my mom wanted to kill Kenny and Cody
4th of July fireworks

senior yearbook pictures (proofs)
swim meet fun!
Ben's All-Star baseball game cheering section...as far as the eye can see ;-)
SWISA Championship hair  (Never again.  4 months later and she still has pink strands)

First Championship meet and she did awesome!  Placed in both events!
Brady, Cooper and Edward.  Every other year they finish as top three point earners.  On the odd years, Cooper and Edward move up to older age group and leave Brady to the blue ribbons.  Brady loves those years best :-)
Vacation Bible School

8 hour soccer tournament
and a Championship WIN!

Carter turned 17!
Another zoo trip!  Shout out to Scott for riding the carousel for 13 years even though it makes him sick to his stomach.
bike rides

Parker stopped by and visited often! 

Aunt Fran + Scott = baby hogs (and/or baby whisperers)

Lydia, Ella, and Cate...

Lake FUN

Scott Smallie's two favorite things
Trevor turned 2!
Macie, Bennett, Brady...swim banquet
Oh these two....Cate and Sammy

Quinn came home from Italy with some stellar souvenirs. Soccer Jerseys and Fedora's.  As if the boys weren't cool enough...now they're off the chain (did I use that right?)

 And last but certainly not least....

drumroll please......

The one and only Scott Smallie (except that there are actually 3 in town) has been promoted to HEAD VARSITY BASEBALL COACH!!  *and the crowd goes wild*  This totally deserves its own post so I'll save it for another day, but seriously, how exciting is this??  And see that phone on his ear?  Ever since he received "the call", that phone has been just like that. Days. Weeks. Could possibly be months by now.  What do baseball coaches talk about??

GOODBYE SUMMER!  You've been good to us but we are looking forward to crisp air, Friday night football and all things FALL.  If only we could keep our tans...

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