Friday, November 28, 2014


We were at a home football game one fall Friday night when the Mizzou football coach, Gary P, landed the black and gold helicopter on Scott's baseball field. Pretty cool, right?  I thought so...Scott did not. 

 The kids were excited to be able to get their picture taken with him before the game. (oops! Bennett is wearing an Illini sweatshirt)

Scott mentioned he would like to take the kids to a Mizzou football game and next thing you know, we are lake bound for a weekend of fun! (funny how it always seems to work out for Scotty-Boy)

What?  Is that Carter?  On a family trip??!! 

Card games are a sure thing on lake weekends.  Bau Bau is often banned because she always wins!

It was a Mizzou themed weekend! New hats! Waterbottles! Sweatshirts!

I hated to climb out of bed and away from this view...

We arrived on campus hours and hours before the game started so we had plenty of time to walk around and see the campus.  It's a really great school...not too big, not too small and it looks like everyone has a good time :)  We had only been there one time before...for Carter's swim meet a few years ago, but never made our way around campus.  My dad attended college there a long time ago and was always a big Tigers sports fan, so it's kinda in our blood :)  It was chilly in the morning but warmed up and turned out to be a beautiful day! We ate lunch in the student union and cheered the team on during the player walk through and finally made our way to the stadium.  

 Truman the Tiger LOVED Cate's hat!

Player and coaches walk through.  Thanks to Fran for making friends with some die-hard tailgaters, we had the perfect spot to cheer the team on!

The field house was filled with blow-ups, face painting, games, and plenty of room for the boys to play football.

The band, cheerleaders and dancers got in on the fun too!

We had general admission tickets which meant we sat in the grass behind the end zone.  Because we got there early, we scored the perfect space against the wall and had plenty of room to lay our blankets out and a great view of everything.  I had the best time at the game and joined in on the student section cheers.  Scott finally looked at me and said "You do realize you aren't a student and don't actually go here, right?" hahahascrewyouhahaha

Cate had quite the pregame cheer routine
60,000+ in attendance.  Crazy crowded

Did I mention it was our Anniversary weekend too?

 Mizzou kicked butt and won big...we were on the jumbo screen everytime they scored.  You can see Cate against the wall, blue jacket, with her arms outstretched in celebration! MIZ-ZOU!!

Great weekend!! Maybe we'll make it to a basketball game this winter :)
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