Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Our reunion was held Saturday night at Spa.ce 15 in downtown STL.  Great venue, great food...perfect atmosphere for a low-key party.  Fancier than a "hall" but not over the top.  We had a 4 hour open bar (which I took advantage of), food stations and a fun photo booth. For all of the scurrying, worrying and planning we did, things went off without a hitch and everyone had a fantastic time. 
Scott robbed our high school Athletic Directors office for nostalgic décor

We created super easy candle holders and these delicious sugar cookies were both dessert and party favors
Scott wasn't even in high school when we graduated (WHATEVER), but he rallied through the reunion with a smile on his face :)

Vanessa, Class of 95, is a serial party crasher.

Gabby and Gracie's mom.  aka Adriane ;-)

Oh boy.
Shelley rocked this uniform in '94

 After the reunion, we went downstairs to the bar and like it was meant to be...Bon Jovi came on the radio.


4 eva.

Game's over when Schwager gets this look on her face

With a huge sense of relief that the night was a success, and six drinks in my system, I was feeling a little crazy.  When Jim Ed.monds walked in the bar, I yelled "Hey Jimmy!! We need to take a selfie".  He was clearly not amused but a gracious host and humored me.  This is why I don't drink alcohol ;-)

 Awesome friends.  Amazing night.  Maybe a 'Class of 94 turns 40' party should happen.  Adriane? Jen? Angela? Jenny?  Anyone???

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