Friday, November 28, 2014

homecoming 2014

Homecoming this year came and went quickly.  Carter was not in to it and participated in very little.  A few of us soccer moms threw together a float for the parade last minute and he did humor me and ride on it, but that's as far as his week long festivities went.

Trevor was marching in step with the band!

 I told Carter to save some candy/beads for Cate and Trevor....

 and he ended up dumping the entire bag out as they drove by us.  Not exactly what I meant.  Eh.

The Homecoming Dance was Saturday night and he and his group (of 28!) met at the park for pictures, and then SIUE gardens for more pictures, followed by dinner at Tony's and finally back to the school for the dance. 

Carter and Logan...friends since kindergarten!
Carter and Kelsi
Carter is a tight waist grabber!
Alina looked so pretty :)

a few of his sisters...
He was a good sport about all of the pictures Cate wanted to take with him. 

Wish Brady would have been there...he was at soccer

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