Friday, July 25, 2014

grant's farm

Grant's Farm was on our summer bucket list but I really didn't think we would make it over there before school started, however....last week Quinn's mom, Jess, asked the boys to join Quinn at Splash City, and then the Fergie's changed that game plan to Grant's Farm, and a day of fun was on the books!  There was a super long line to get on the tram, but the absolutely perfect weather made it tolerable.  I guess the park is spread out enough, because once inside, it didn't seem crowded at all.

This was Quinn's first trip to Grant's Farm.  Can you believe that?  What a sheltered child.  (even though he is currently in Italy on a 3 week vacay, but whatever. Priorities...hmph) 
Nathan, Quinn, Brady and Cate
tram ride!

Thank you Quinn for smiling.  Brady and Nathan need to get their head in the game

The goat pens kinda gross me out and for some reason Scott got to hang out on the good side of the fence and I was stuck keeping the smelly animals from eating Cate.
goosed by a goat!

 We saw the animal show, rode the carousel, and ate funnel cakes, homemade chips, snow cones  and kettle corn.  Good stuff!

 The parakeet house is new this year and I couldn't wait to go through it.  I love parakeets and have always wanted a cage filled with pretty birds singing beautiful songs, but I've heard they crap a lot and we've got enough of that going on around here.

they loved her pony tail holder!

telling Brady secrets


post blue snow cone (obviously)

 Super fun day!  Ready to plan our next fieldtrip!

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