Friday, July 11, 2014

go birds!

We've been to two Cardinals games this summer which is pretty good for us...Scott and I both prefer watching the game from the comfort of our own home, but if we happen upon really good seats, we'll make an exception :) We had four tickets for the first game. Carter decided he did not want to go, but Cate did, so we bought her a standing-room-only cheap ticket and thankfully the seats next to us were open and she didn't have to sit on my lap. We chose to eat at The Precinct Bar & Grill before the game and take their free shuttle to the game...worked out great!

"I'd rather be #1 than #2".  Um, that's a 'peace sign' Cate
Upstairs from the grill....Space 15, aka our class reunion site in August

During the 7th inning, Cate spotted Fredbird by the field and jumped out of her seat to run down and give him a hug.  She then dragged him back up to our seats to have him sign a baseball for Brady.  Along the way, she pulled him into a handrail and he fell to the ground.  She thought it was hilarious!

He signed a ball for Brady and then the camera man showed up along with the Cardinal Girls and presented her with a hot Papa John's pizza and coupons for free pizza for everyone in our row!

Jumbo-tron debut!

 My phone immediately blew up with texts from people who saw Cate on the jumbo-tron and when we left the stadium, people at Ballpark Village waved and mentioned seeing her on the big screens!  It was too funny! 

 Our 2nd game was a day game last weekend.  Cate opted out of this one, which was a good thing because she probably expects that Fredbird nonsense to happen at every game :)  Carter had to work so I got to tag along again!

 Our seats were awesome and we had access to the air-conditioned Redbird Club (which I reealllly appreciated). 
Brady and I had build-your-own nachos.  Delish!

Back-to-back homeruns meant lots of fireworks that we couldn't see because it was a sunny day game
Hanging out in the A/C!

 Unfortunately, the Cardinals lost both games we attended, but what's important is that we had a good time!

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