Thursday, July 17, 2014


June-August is off-season for Brady's soccer team but instead of enjoying the down time, his 3v3 team kicks it into high-gear. This past weekend they played in St. Charles and it was hot. Miserably hot.  Feel like you're melting hot. Stupid hot. Africa hot. Can't breathe hot. Get it?
Bennett had a baseball tournament in Jacksonville, so I was on my own for 8 hours of soccer. FUN.
A couple of super cool kids.  Or something.

Only some of the stuff that is supposed to fit in the wagon actually fits after Cate gets settled in.  Her own little collapsible chariot :-)

Brady's team played six games.  And won, six games.  They are really good.

She loves her new Girls on the Run headband. 

 This is what six games in the scorching sun feels like

 Championship game celebration.  Just kidding.  Our team does not celebrate.  No elaborate happy dances.  No parent tunnels for the kids to run through. And definitely no accepting of finisher medals for anything below second place.  Not everyone is a winner, deal with it!  This is kinda what I like best about our team :)
I also love that our coach is so laid back.  You will not see him running up and down the field acting like a fool.  He teaches them at practice and lets them play the games. There are A LOT of lunatic coaches out there and I'm happy ours is not one of them!

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