Friday, November 1, 2013

well, hello there....

Guess I should add "failing to keep up blog" to my ever-growing list of things I'm totally screwing up lately.  This stay-at-home-mom-with-no-kids-at-home thing is waaaay harder than I expected.  Everyone feels sorry for me, I know.  But really, I think I set my expectations too high and I have just started to come out of my M-F funk.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE staying home but I really thought I would actually get some things accomplished in the 30 hours I have alone each week.  Unfortunately, the reality is... not much has changed except now I don't have to listen to anyone complain about me making too much noise when I vacuum :)  I feel like I spend 80% of my day running errands and the other 20% cleaning up the previous nights mess.  It takes about 20 minutes for the kids to un-do everything I've done and my life kind of seems like the movie Groundhogs Day.  Same crap, different day.  Thankfully, I have three other SAHM's that I can vent to about these pathetic problems...shout out to Candi, Jaime, and Jessica for our bi-monthly lunch/bitch fests (and for volunteering me to work the bookfair and be head kindergarten room parent...not). 
Anyway, to semi-catch up, I'm just going to throw a bunch of random pictures out there (mostly of Trevor and Cate!) and call it a day  :)
Me and Annie have some serious parking issues at my Mom's house

Cate was Student of the Week!

We've been apple picking

Cate was brave and jumped right on the buccaneer ride at the apple farm...

and about one minute in, she looked like this!  She held it together though and when she got off she said "that's the last time I do that!!"

Oh this boy.

A sweet moment between two hard headed boys

'bout to lose his mind...over a fountain Pepsi.  I get it Trevor.  I totally get it.

Bluebirds soccer team at the school skating party!

staring contest

celebrating Brady's birthday at the Old Spaghetti Factory!

someone found Brady's secret sucker stash

Cate is a Girl Scout Daisy!!

Best part about working the book fair for three days was that I got to see Cate and Brady in their element at school.  Cate loves being with her friends!

Homecoming 2013 (this deserves its own post!)
Thankful for good friends who will help you out with a wardrobe malfunction
Partying at MauMau's house....aka Gigi

"Car Car, you in here?"
That's one way to get his attention

Sea Lion show at the zoo
Cate, Brady, Conor, Macie, and Bennett at the StL Zoo
Everything is so pretty at the zoo this time of year
Haunted Hayride at the Boushards

Got her cowgirl boots on and ready to party!
Cate really enjoyed Carter's final highschool game of the season.  It was cold.  They lost.  But, Carter had a great year and is already looking forward to next season
Trevor fought the stairs and the stairs won.
Jack and Brady at Mr. Warrior competition
Looks like he's going in for a smooch but he's really trying to get the food in her mouth. Yum.

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