Monday, November 18, 2013


We took our 8th (or 7th?) trip to the lake mid-October.  I think we've only missed two months so it was probably our 8th trip.  Anyway, Friday night, Bennett had his first school dance, so Brady and Cate rode with Scott's family and the rest of us made our way there Saturday morning.  It was a perfect chilly fall weekend and we enjoyed a few boat rides, lunche at our favorite restaurants, and lots of fishing! Summer is fun at the lake, but fall and winter are just as purdy!

No one was home when we arrived so I decided to nap on the couch while the boys watched tv

Of course it was VERY short lived and before we knew it, Cate was running down the stairs and super excited to see us!
Short morning boat ride.  It was cold!

Pretty much the way it goes

I am a better fisherman than Scott.  I try to give him pointers but he does not listen to me.  So... I just continue to catch WAY more fish than him.
This was our first ride on the new boat!  Lots of comfy seats and a very smooth ride.  Boys are looking forward to skiing behind it next summer!
"My first car is going to be a boat!"

Hyvee had a great fall festival area in their parking lot.  Cate enjoyed a personal hayride
And as always, we ended our trip at the PuppyStop store.  We love holding all the babies!  That white one Bennett was holding wanted to go home with us! (no thank you)

Another great weekend and we can't wait to go back this winter!

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