Saturday, November 23, 2013

Catie Bug

"Girls are so different"
I wonder how many millions of times I've said this in the last 5.9 years.  I'm not sure a truer statement could ever be made.  And sometimes this is a good thing and sometimes it's not.  I remember hearing her cry for the first time and thinking oh hell, her cry is so different than the boys...what have we done??  Sometimes I still ask this question.  Last week one of Scott's friends asked him what it's like having a daughter after 3 sons and he said "Oh man, it's awesome.  Best thing in the world but so very different"  Amen. 
One thing that makes Cate different from her big brothers is her love for reading, writing, coloring, and generally anything and everything related to school (minus her first two weeks).  When Carter was in kindergarten and had to color a picture before going outside for recess, he would take a crayon, draw a huge "X" on the paper, and run out the door.  Cate colors the entire page, using every color in the box, and probably misses half of recess to finish it.  And then when she comes home from school, she plops down in her desk and colors some more.  She also LOVES to read.  Crazy, I tell ya.  We spend a lot of time at the local libraries (our town has two) and she reached her 100 book IRP goal a few weeks ago!  Last week she got to read a book to her class and then was sent to her Principal's office to read to her.  She thought that was really cool :) Every night before bed, she reads two books to me and I read two books to her and we are just finishing Charlotte's Web.  We rent between 10-15 books per week because she does not like to re-read anything.
  I LOVE that she LOVES to learn :)

EVERY inch of paper colored EVERY time

On Monday nights, our main library has therapy dogs available to read to.  This dog was obviously very impressed with Cate's reading skills :)

More pictures for Cousin Jon!

She attended a dance clinic at the high school and had a great time but refused to wear her camp shirt because she "didn't want to look like everyone else".  (she also told one of my friends that she is so happy she doesn't have a sister because she would be embarrassed if I dressed them alike. Ha!  Ain't nobody stealing her thunder!)

Worthen Girls

 Cate is a Daisy GirlScout!  She loves loves loves it!!  They meet once a month after school and do all kinds of fun stuff.  All of her favorite friends are in her troop and her leader is her soccer coach.  They have the best time at their meetings.  I can't wait for the first Father-Daughter Dance...bahahahahaha.

Thank you GS for making the patches iron-on

friendship squeeze!

Troop 939!

We got rid of the boys last Saturday and per Cate's request, celebrated her 100 books at Steak N Shake

We all thought this was very funny.  She slept like this for over an hour.  How??

 This year she is starting the pneumonia crap early...usually it's late February before she gets sick.  Bennett had pneumonia a few weeks ago and she is starting to show symptoms. Fever, terrible cough, runny nose...the usual suspects.  I took her to the Dr. today and her right lung sounded off so they sent us for x-rays.  Turns out, pneumonia hasn't settled in yet, but her lung looks hazy so we have to check back in with them on Monday.  Apparently having right-lobe pneumonia three times by the age of five is rare and could mean there are underlying lung issues that cause bacteria to "stay and play" so they plan to have us see a pulmonologist at Children's.  Eh.
"Red Carpet" runway in the Dr's waiting room

Werk It

waiting on strep results.  Negative..yay!
Waiting for x-rays

Overall, things are great in Cate's World.  She's super excited about Christmas and our January trip to Disneyworld.  Five is such a fun age and although I realllly miss her toddler years, I find the 5.9 year old Cate Smallie fascinating. 
Sky's The Limit Catie Bug!!
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