Monday, November 11, 2013


Two days before the Homecoming Dance, I sent Carter a text with a picture of  this outfit...
He sent me a reply with the "thumbs up" sign, and that concluded our shopping.  I'm going to bet Cate's future dance shopping will be a tad bit more complicated.
Homecoming week is filled with lots of fun stuff but for some reason the only picture I have is one I stole borrowed from someones instagram page.  Carter was chosen to be on top of the pyramid during the pep rally.  Obviously, skinny jeans were not meant for this.  And I feel sorry for the poor guy who is on the receiving end of Carter's knee in his back.  A cheerleader, he is not.
The dance was Saturday night and the weather was perfect for pictures at the park.
Great group of boys!

Brady's outfit was my favorite of the day! 

Remember when Maris lived next door?  Those were the good ole days :)  She and Brady have a love/hate relationship!

My two oldest sons.  I think I see Greylin more than I do Carter. And since I get lots of information and gossip out of him, I don't mind feeding and housing him!
I still remember Logan crying in the middle of Niedringhaus school lawn on the first day of kindergarten.  It was the first time I had ever seen him and he made me so sad that day.  Who knew that he and Carter would end up best buds and remain that way 11 years later?!  Carter has been very blessed with some amazing friends.


Cate loves Alina and she reeallllyyyy loved that purple dress!  And yes, I gave in and let Cate wear Barbie high heels to the park. 

Carter's tie was all messed up and it's always good to have a good Catholic boy as one of your closest friends

Things started to get a little hairy here and finally a random dad walking by jumped in and saved the day

After about an hour at the park, the bus pulled up and off they went....headed to Tony's for dinner and then back to the highschool for the dance.

Jake and Trent on the stripper pole?!  Yeah, that's about right.

After the dance, Carter had plans to go to a friends house for awhile.  We told him he couldn't have anyone spend the night because the basement was under a major reorganization and a mess.  The next morning, Scott and I were sitting in the dining room when a train of boys walked up the stairs and out the front door.  Oops, we totally missed that.  Parenting fail. Thankfully they were all boys that are always more than welcome at our house and there were no girls :)

Hard to believe Carter has just one more Homecoming before he graduates.  Aaacckkkk!
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