Thursday, July 18, 2013

taking the monkey to the zoo

Editor's note: my summer blog posts are completely out of order.  Pretty much like everything else in my life this summer.  We're having too much fun in the sun to worry about "real" crap~~like laundry, dishes, yard work...and loving every minute of it  :)

After a few days at the lake, and making it home just in time for fireworks, I planned to do nothing on July 5.  N.O.T.H.I.N.G.  Until Cate woke me up and said "Dad said we can go to the zoo!!!"  Seriously, I felt like crying.  However, had I told Scott that his idea was stupid (ya know, because it was a Friday, the day after the 4th, and EVERYONE was off work), he would have whined and complained that whenever I choose somewhere it's a great idea (duh), but I always shoot his ideas down.  (This is a great example of why I always shoot his ideas down.  He doesn't think it through.).  So, I kept my mouth shut and let him realize on his own that his idea was stupid. 
I decided the only way this could suck less is if we invite Trevor....cause most things suck less with Trevor along :)  Annie was free so she was able to go too and the six of us (minus Ben and Carter) headed to the zoo (along with everyone else in the bi-state area.  And then some). 
You know when signs are posted in Forest Park for "overflow traffic and parking", things are gonna be ugly.  Scott has zero patience for crowds (ironic, right?  Since he chose the BUSIEST day of the year to go to the zoo) and he would much rather be walking from the furthest parking lot than sitting in stop-n-go, he parked in the first lot he saw and we walked a damn far way to the zoo entrance.  Annie, Brady, and I were up for the long walk, and Scott pulled Trevor and Cate in the wagon, so it really wasn't that big of a deal.  And when we finally made it to the gate, the cars that were in front of us in line, were still moving oh-so-slow towards the pay lot, so we were all happy to be on foot and already in the zoo.
This was Trevor's first trip and I think he had a great time!  We visited the children's zoo first where he could touch guinea pigs and all of the exhibits were "Trevor size"

Bird cage.  Strangely enough, this is my favorite thing in the entire zoo.  I love to listen to the little birds chirp. If I ever find the perfect bird stand for the corner in my dining room, I getting my own birds!

Anybody else picturing how ugly this could get?

Awwww, Trev needs his own Guinea Pig!

I love this picture  :)
Who doesn't love the fountains in the Children's Zoo?  Cate and Trev brought their swim suits and Annie and I sat and let them play for a long time while Scott and Brady watched the animal show.
He was itching to be set free.  Unfortunately, he started walking a few days AFTER we were there!

After we changed them, he wanted his juice.  REALLY BAD
Much better now

We had lunch in the cafe and Trevor loved smothering Cate with lots of hugs (or headlocks...whatever)

Trevor loves Uncle Scott cause he tells him funny stories and reads him books about dinosaurs (ok, the books are really Disney Princess books and Scott just makes crap up about monsters and dinosaurs, but Trev loves it!)

Oh, Dippin you are again...
Mama Cate looks so cute opening her mouth too as she feeds him :o

Say Cheese? What Cheese?  I want more ice cream!!

Ohhhh, that Cheese!! 

Trevor's going to have to work on his stamina if he plans on keeping up with the Smallie's.  By the time we started our trek to the car, he could barely keep his eyes open!

He's getting verrrryyyy sleepy
Hold on Trevor, only 5,378 more miles til we get to the car
He gone.
Scott only mentioned 1,439 times that he could not believe how crowded the zoo was.  "Can you believe this??"  Yeah, most days I'm convinced that my dads spirit has taken over Scott's body...Lord help us all.
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