Tuesday, July 23, 2013

lake rats

I figure I better post about our last lake trip before we leave for our next trip at the end of the week :) I know this is probably a long, boring post filled with pictures that look a lot like our last trip pictures, but this online blog is my family scrapbook so I want to make sure when the kids are older they realize how lucky they were as kids! (I especially want photo evidence of good times in case the only thing they remember is us yelling at them all the time)

The weather was absolutely perfect while we were at the lake this time...mid-80's with low humidity.  We spent the entire four days on the dock, in the water, or on the boat.  In fact, our car only left the driveway to run and get fishing worms.  One day we took the boat to Coconuts for lunch and one evening we joined Danny, Barb, and Aaron at Jolly Rogers.  Both very fun places for lakeside meals.  One of the best things about this week was that the kids only turned the tvs on at night when it was time to go to bed!  You know it's a great time when they are having too much fun to even bother with tv :)  
Fishing in the shade :)

This was going great until Brady stopped peddling and Fran had them going in circles

Brady LOVES to fish

Carter even got out of bed early to go tubin' behind the wave runner!

Big catfish Brady caught

Throwing it back!

Scott literally fishes all day and night. 

Carter and Mike took FLAME for a spin

Ready for a boat ride

Born.  For.  This. 

At Coconuts, they have a huge water trampoline off their beach and a plane landed right next to it while the kids were jumping.  Very cool.

Big brothers are great for catching a ride on

Their cove is perfect for tubing.  We spent a lot of time doing this!!!

Cate liked to pretend that the dock shed is her bar and she served drinks to everyone

Aaron, Fran, and Cate taking a ride on Big Mable

Heading to Jolly Rogers for dinner!

Perfect way to end the evening...ice cream and Cardinal baseball

I looked out the window at 8am and Scott was already on the dock

On Sunday, Mike and Fran hosted Mike's two brothers and their wives for lunch (+ us).  The kids helped Fran make lemonade and tea...until she dumped an entire container of sugar on her head.  Then they deserted her to announce to everyone what happened...and avoid clean up :)

Cate and Aaron love hanging out together
They swam all the way out to the middle of the cove to catch some big waves

Carter spotted while Scott took the boys on a wild ride.  I was fired from driving after I made 2/3 of the kids cry.  WIMPS!
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