Tuesday, July 23, 2013

pardon my french, but...

Holy Shit.  If there is a world record for 'number of questions your children ask in one day', my kids have broken it.  Every damn day this summer. 

What time are we going?  (at least twenty minutes LATER than we should.  Like always)
Who else is going?  (whoever is brave enough to spend time with you ridiculous-question-asking-freaks)
What time is it?  (approximately 30 seconds later than the last time one of you heathens asked and 30 seconds before you'll ask again)
What is today's date?  (it's summer, who the hell cares??)
What are we having for breakfast?  (nothing.  You should have slept til lunch time)
Lunch?  (cereal?)
Dinner? (why do you people expect THREE meals a day??)
What time is my game? (3:30. THREE-THIRTY.  Damnit Bennett, you're stupid $#*&'n game is at 3:30!!!!)
Have you seen my goggles? (don't even get me started)
Can we go to the pool today? (only if you promise to keep your head under water at least 90% of the time)
What are we doing today?  I'm bored.  (shut up Scott)
And the #1 question asked every single day this summer......
CAN I GO TO MAUMAU'S??  (please God, force my mother to call and ask at least one of these damn kids to come over!!!!!)

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Listen up people....school starts soon, and this year I will have FOUR out of FOUR kids in FULL TIME school.  Hold on while I grab a tissue.
Ok, I'm back.  Tears of joy flood my eyes every time I think about it.  SIX hours a day there will be ZERO Smallie Children questions for me to answer.  More tissues.  I know I should be sad and there are times when I start to panic about all four being in school, but then Bennett asks, "Mom, how are we related to our 4th cousins?" and just like that...no more sadness.

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Jolene Navarro said...

Haha - I'm the mother of four also. Mine are almost grown now. Loved this blog. Keep enjoying.