Monday, June 17, 2013

Lake Healing

Two days after my dad passed away, we had a trip planned to Mike & Fran's lake house.  The boat and jet-ski had been delivered and the boys couldn't wait to go for their first ride.  My sister and her family were still in Florida and my mom had decided to hold my dads 'celebration of life' ceremony two weeks later, so... we didn't give her an option and off to the lake she went with us!  It was a great decision for us to delay the service and get out of town for a few days. 
Had my mom stayed home, she wouldn't have had a moments peace with the phone calls, cards, and friends stopping by.  This way, she was able to get away from it all and finally exhale the breath she had been holding since May 3. Of course, there is really no such thing as a "vacation" with the Smallies....we kept her busy busy busy :) And in true Marks Lakehouse fashion, we had a fabulous time!!  Thank you Uncle Mike and Aunt Fran for being the best hosts and giving us time to just enjoy the kids and brush the grief away for a few days.  I know that I will always remember how healing the trip was for me.  And most importantly, how healing it was for my kids to be able to spend days with my mom, away from any distractions, and see with their own eyes, that she is going to be ok, (in fact, she's doing great!) And they realize she will have her sad moments, but that's ok because she is still very much the same grandma she was two months ago. 

So let's start our days of fun....with a new boat....FLYIN' LOW

Water was pretty rough due to an incoming storm, so I sat in the back of the boat. You know the place where the extra life jackets are held.


Very chilly, but beautiful evening on the dock

And then they ruined the peacfulness

68* degree water.  Brrrrr....

Brady was a fishing machine and caught 70+ fish over the three days. 

Cate caught her share too :)

Brady is the official worm putter-oner and fish taker-offer

This was when my mom decided to head back to the house...made her a little nervous!
Riding FLAME!
Scott caught approx. 2 fish all weekend...but he got the biggest one
And then Scott went for a ride on the jet ski and Brady just had to catch an (almost) equally big fish.  He is soooo competitive :)
Unlce Mike let Bennett Captain the boat for a long time

Scott could fish all day and night.  He loved fishing by moonlight.  See him on the corner of the dock?!

On Sunday, Mike asked the boys to figure out a way to get a tangled fishing line off the dock ropes.  They thought about it for awhile, then sent Brady into the frigid water to cut the lines.  Poor Brady, always drawing the short straw!

Mike's brother Dan and family stopped by to visit (I love the boat name).  Cate was so excited to see Aaron again!
Playing ball....always

Friday afternoon, Scott and the boys headed to Memphis for baseball and me, my mom, and Cate headed home.  We had such a great week at the lake and I can't wait to go back!!!

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