Sunday, June 30, 2013

big day....

Last Tuesday was a big day for Ms. Catie Bug.  She lost her first tooth and had her kindergarten check-up appointment with her doctor! 

On Sunday, I was telling Cate that now that she's almost in school, she's probably going to start losing teeth soon.  I asked her to show me her teeth and we were both shocked that one was super loose and barely holding on.  She had no idea!  She probably checked herself out in the mirror 100 times that night :)  The next day she was eating pretzel sticks and cream cheese and BOOM! it fell out..and she swallowed it!  She was sooooo excited! We immediately had to drive over to MauMau's and show her :) 

We wrote the tooth fairy a letter telling her what happened and she was thrilled to find $4 under her pillow the next morning.  Just enough for a pretzel with cheese and blue slushie at the pool!

That afternoon, she had her big doctors appointment and Bennett had his 6th grade check-up.  She knew she was getting shots, but she never made a big deal about it.  On our way there she said, "I just can't wait until tomorrow because then all of this will be over".  Ha!  Bennett had not been to the Dr. since July of 2007 when he had his kindergarten shots.  Everyone seemed to be shocked by this and each nurse/front desk worker/dr. asked me to make sure that was actually correct and not an oversight.  He was due for just 3 shots and took them like a man.  Everything else checked out great and Dr. B told him she'd see him in 3 years! 

Cate hadn't been to the Dr's office since 2010, but we have taken her to Express Care twice since then and one time straight to Children's Hospital for pneumonia.  Dr. B must have commented on her dress at least 6 times and even asked me where she got it because she'd like one for herself.  Cate weighed in at a whopping 34 pounds and is still hanging in that 20% percentile.  She was due for 5 shots and did great.  The nurse had me lay her down, hold her legs, and honestly, she was on shot #5 before Cate even knew what happened.  Although it was easy peasy, she did insist Scott carry her the rest of the day :)

We celebrated Ben and Cate's great appointments with Annie's ice cream.  Cate proudly showed off the awesome sunglasses Dr. B gave her and two strategically placed super cool stickers ;)  So glad that is all over with for another six years.  Bring on kindergarten!!!
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