Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lake Trip!

Last weekend we took a roadtrip to the Lake of the Ozarks to hang out with Aunt Fran and Uncle Mike in their new lake house.  One word...AMAZING.  And if they ever questioned themselves about whether a 6500 sq ft. lake house was too big, I'm pretty sure having our traveling circus visit confirmed that the house is just the perfect size!!!
The less-than-three hour drive is the perfect distance for these clowns. 
As soon as we got there, Bennett grabbed food and made himself comfortable.  Not really any different than home, eh?!
Main floor kitchen.  Hello 12-ft ceilings...made everything feel even more awesome!
Main floor living room (Fran and Mikes room is also on this level)

A stairway leads up to the boys room or "dorm".  This is pretty much what they look like at home too.  Minus the huge clean room.
That's more like it!  I think Brady tried to sleep in all five beds :)  Thankfully he didn't realize they were all trundle beds!!!
Our bedroom, and Bau Bau, and Grammy's were on the bottom floor.  Don't think we were stuck in a basement's just as luxurious as the first floor!!
This is the bottom floor kitchen
View from the stairs. 
Grammy and Bau Bau hanging out.  We spent the entire weekend lounging down here.  It was awesome :)
Brady practiced his downhill run from the garage, over the dock, and (this summer) into the lake.  He only fell once and slid all the way across the bridge.  It would have been a very cold lesson to learn!!

Our foodie made biscuits and gravy for breakfast 

View from the first floor dining table. 

I woke up from my nap (!) to find Carter practicing his kendama.  This is the reason we don't have a 6500 sq ft house.  (well, one of the reasons!!) matter how many rooms we have, our kids are always right next to us!

Brady did not care how cold it got on Saturday, he was going to fish!  As soon as they got down to the dock, it started to rain REALLY hard.  I stayed in the house and took pictures :)  Needless to say, they caught zero fish. 

Fran had a secret room under the stairs filled with new toys. Of course Cate loved the dress up chest, and Mike helped Brady with the Legos.  

Carter's thinking a summer job working at a marina would be perfect for him!!

Scott loved the screened in porch the best

He hung here a lot too!
This is the first floor laundry room (there is one downstairs too).  I think it is my dream laundry room.  12 foot ceilings and soooooo much room.  I would put a tv in there and hide all day long!!!

Carter started the trip home in the drivers seat.  But about halfway, he pulled off because "his back hurt" which I think means, "sleeping on roadtrips is way better than driving".
We had the best weekend!  Some people have said a trip to the lake during the winter is boring and not worth it, but Scott and I felt just the opposite.  We loved the laid-back feel of the not-so-crowded Ozarks and it was one of the most relaxing weekends we've had in a long time.  (Ironically, it was probably one of the loudest, wildest weekends Bau Bau, Grammy, Fran, and Mike have had!!) They have one month to rest up before we do it all again!!

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