Sunday, January 13, 2013


Cell phone photo dump!
On the first Thursday of every month, Brady and Ben's school hosts a skating party.  January's was held on the first day back from Christmas vacation and I was hoping to get out of it, but no such luck.  Ben chose baseball practice, but Cate and Brady insisted on going. Thankfully Candi was there to keep me entertained
Cate and Reid...soon they'll both be "officially" qualified to attend the skating parties!

Brady won the limbo contest.  Duh. 
Cate skates with all of Brady's classmates, they're so good with her.  And this Molly can rock a school uniform.  I will soon be asking her mom for shopping advice for Cate's kindergarten wardrobe!

Molly, Cate, and Julianna (for my highschool friends out there, this is Lisa Shrums daughter!)
Crazy Hadley! She always tucks her pacifier in her bottom lip :)
As soon as she gets in a cart, or car, or home, she rips her shoes off!  She looks pretty comfy here
This is the nice artwork she added to Cate's room.  With a Sharpie marker.  Looks like I'll be painting this week!

Bennett is playing in a Bethalto basketball league and I have quickly realized that I am not a basketball mom.  For some reason, it makes me soooo nervous.  I literally spend the entire game doing anything and everything to avoid watching (counting bleachers, cleaning out my purse, etc).  I know. I'm nuts.
Made his first free throw!
And his second one!
Cate avoided watching the games too

On Tuesday, Murphy got his hair cut.  For some reason, he came home and was soooooo clingy with Cate.  Very strange considering he's gotten his hair cut every six weeks for the last 8 years and he's never acted this way before. On Wednesday, Cate did not have school and Murphy would not leave her side.  He even followed her downstairs, which was his very first time ever going down to the basement. And  I'm sure going out of town for the weekend isn't going to help with his new mental issues.  Regardless, he's still a sweet puppy and Cate loves all of the attention she's getting  :)

But clingy dogs make cute pictures

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Everyday on our way out the door trying to get to school, Cate has at least two toys that she insists on bringing along.  These toys do not make it out of the car, or into her school, so by Friday, my car looks like a portable ToysRUs driving through town.

She created this bagel/cream cheese/bird food feeder to hang on a tree.  She insisted it be placed on a thin twig next to our window so she could watch the birds eat it.  However, the twig is not strong enough to hold a bird, so the feeder just blows in the wind and teases all of the birds and squirrels that would love a bite!

TWO MORE DAYS until Scott's 8th grade boys basketball season is O.V.E.R.  Coach Vaughn blew out his knee the first week, so Scott took over for the season.  Unfortunately, that season overlapped Scott's girls team, so he has yet to have any break from coaching.  After Tuesday's final game, he'll have ONE MONTH free before highschool baseball starts. And once that starts, I'll kiss him on the cheek and tell him I'll see him at the end of May!!!

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