Thursday, June 14, 2012

swim meet.

The boys had their first swim meet tonight and they all did great!  Carter is swimming in the 13-14 age group, Bennett in the 9-10, and Brady has two more years at 8 & under.  Swim practice started late this summer and with the pool issues and one stormy morning, they only had five days of practice before the first meet.  Brady is already only 4 seconds off the 25m fly record and I'm hoping he gets even closer to it by the end of summer and then breaks it next year (especially since my childhood friend, who pushed me off my BigWheel when I was five, still holds the record from 1984. Obviously I will never get over that incident!!) Scott and I are once again the head timers for our team and we pretty much do whatever else is needed throughout the's a lot of work to run a swim meet (our team alone has over 110 swimmers).  Cate has lots of friends and our families who keep her entertained during the meets...I'm thinking next year will be her year to join the team :)
Carter being Carter
Ben and Brady ready to race!

Very successful night for all three boys

Telling a story to a very attentive audience in the bullpen! (that's her new Build-a-Bear bunny she named Cate Smallie.  Original, I know.)

Frannie made it home from Europe just in time to replenish her goodie bag!
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