Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The day after Father's Day (aka 'the day after the crowds'), we celebrated the awesome men on Scott's side of the fam at The Old Spaghetti Factory downtown Stl.  DELISH!~our fave.  Of course it's not just about the food, it's about spending time with family and letting them know how much they're appreciated and loved. (duh)  Someone must have called ahead and let Spags know that a crazy cast of characters (ahem, Uncle Mikey and Josh) would be in attendance and they gave us the entire second floor to ourselves ;)  Food was great, service was outstanding, and the company was better than ever.  The balloon man even found us which led to about thirty minutes of extra entertainment! I'm one lucky girl...not only was I born into a fabulous family, I married in to one too!!!
Crazies and their balloon creations! Carter~chose a bear, Ben, Brady, Josh, & Lauren with their wild hats, and Cate chose a bunny and flower hat. 

Carter was absolutely amazed by the balloon mans skills and asked him which college he attended to learn how to do it.  Naturally Carter was dead serious and the balloon guy was kind of stumped at the question.  Another Carter-ism to add to the endless list :)
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