Sunday, June 17, 2012

kc weekend

This weekend, Bennett and Brady both played in a tournament in Kansas City.  I should have known it was going to be a less-than-stellar weekend when it was 10:30am on Friday~we planned to leave at noon~and had yet to start packing..or even bring our suitcases up from the basement. We didn't have any games Friday night and the drive is only 3 hours, but still, we're usually a little bit more on top of things.  All three of our Illini teams stayed at the same hotel, which is nice because both boys have friends to run around with.  However, what made this tournament a lot less fun for everyone is that we were literally only back at the hotel to sleep.  Last tournament we were done playing by 2:00pm Saturday and had all evening to hang out.  This time around, our first Saturday game was at 8am and our last was at 7:00pm so needless to say, there was no time for anything but baseball! Ben and Brady both played great, but their teams had little success...guess you can't win them all! 

Brady hit great and made some amazing plays at 2nd base.  It was the first time they were allowed to steal bases and bunt so he was really excited about that.  It was fun to watch his catcher Logan throw kids out at second...he and Brady had the catcher/2nd base teamwork down by the second impressive :)

Bennett hit really well too. He's doing great in that 4th batter clean-up spot :)

Obviously Cate feels right at home in a hotel!  She's getting really good at flips on the luggage cart bar :)

We stayed at this same hotel two years ago with Bennett's team and I told Brady he wouldn't remember it.  As soon as we walked into the lobby, he started throwing details at me about the college hockey team that stayed there two years ago and every other thing we did and saw.  I swear he can pull up memories from as far back as the hospital nursery...he forgets NOTHING!!

Hot tub time!  This hotel has the smallest pool ever (not much bigger than the hot tub)

In between rain showers!

During Bennett's second game, a storm rolled in.  It was lightening, thundering, and pouring rain and the boys were still playing.  Scott stopped the game when the other teams 1st basemen had an anxiety/panic attack over the storm but his coach refused to let him off the field because they only had 9 players!!!  Finally the tournament officials called a delay.  I took Cate and a few other kids to our car to watch a movie and the delay only lasted 30 minutes. 

Captain of our ship.  HAPPY FATHER'S DAY SCOTT!!!

Sporting my first official black eye/bruised face.  Ran into a lifeguard stand at the pool Thursday morning.  (in my defense, the stand had been removed from the pool deck and was placed in a stupid spot in the middle of a walkway)  Nearly knocked myself out and I am suffering from some whiplash issues.  It hurts to smile.  I was holding a fountain soda at the time and I hit the stand so hard it cut the styrofoam cup in half.  Seriously, I hit it that hard.  Thankfully only two people witnessed it and one was a 6-year old who said she wished she had it on video because it could be on MTV's Ridiculousness.  Waaaahhhhhh!!! (but I'm proud of myself that I didn't fall and I didn't cry!!)

As soon as we got home from KC, we headed to the pool.  Cate's reward for being such a great baseball sister again this weekend! 
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