Wednesday, June 27, 2012

photo dump

Carter and Cate after his baseball game Sunday.  He's really good to her <3

Joe Cool


Evening at the pool celebrating Father's Day with my parents, sister & family

Quiet morning on the front porch with her favorite person
Shucking corn for lunch

I love chocolate ice cream, Scott loves vanilla, and we both love carmel.  This ice cream is perfect for us...half and half with carmel in the middle!

Cate has moved on from Ben and Brady's friends to Carter's friends.  I wish this picture was better...her newest victim..Stevie!  (Looks like Abbie has some competition!)  I think she has great taste :)

Her "dive"

Brady spent 24 hours with my sister, Kenny, and Jon over the weekend.  They went fishing, swimming, 4-wheeling, and horseback riding.  He was in heaven!!

Brady caught a total of 62 fish.  (that is 61 more fish than Cody's last attempt.  Just sayin')

Bennett stayed last Sat/Sun with his friend Connor and then Monday with his friend Ryan. He loves being sibling-free and with his buddies!

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