Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday Mr. Smallie!!!

Today is the day I've been waiting for. Waiting 3.5 years for to be exact. Scott's 30th birthday!! He's not nearly as excited about it as I am, but it's a big deal. Very big. Being 3.5 years older seemed like a zillion years when he was in his 20's and me in my 30's. But, now...we're on even ground ;)
So, in honor of Scott, I will devote this entire blog entry to him. Not that he reads this or anything...he tells me "he doesn't have to read it, he lives it". Whatev.

Scott is THE BEST DAD. Everyone knows this. Everyone tells me this. All the time. I mean really...ALL OF THE TIME. And he is. Scott did almost all of the midnight feedings for all of our children...yes, he's that good. Coaches their sports teams, he's the head timer for our swim team, takes off work to go on field trips, is a "room dad" at class holiday parties, and attends all of their after school activities (Family Fun nights, roller-skating parties, D.A.R.E. dances). But most importantly, he spends time with our kids. "Real" time...not while talking on the phone, not with other people, but with just our kids. Playing. Listening. Talking. Letting the boys run wild and be boys. When the weather allows, he throws no less than 100 pitches a day in our backyard. And when the weather is bad, he throws those pitches downstairs (like he is right now). Every single day he carves out time to be with the kids and play. I love that most about him. Yes, things around the house get "overlooked" because of the lack of time he has for household stuff (landscaping, DIY projects, etc), but I know that he is not only creating memories for the kids, he's also setting the best example for them and this will help them to be great parents someday.
Scott is also very close with his family. We spend a lot of time with his parents, grandparents, aunt, and brothers. We both appreciate how close we live to his family and I have no idea what we'd do without them.

Scott, his mom, and brother Josh-Lake Placid, NY 2009

Josh, Elaine, Bau Bau, me, and Scott

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Scott....

Fishing with Carter

Hanging out with Bennett

Catie Bug only wants her daddy when she's not feeling good

With his mini-me...Brady

I always tell him "No man was ever shot while ironing"

Coaching middle school basketball. Almost the shortest one in the crowd...his 8th grade boys team...he is definitely the shortest!!

His senior softball girls

Everywhere we go, we hear "Hey Mr. Smallie"....he's like a rockstar in this town!

Sports Fanatic

Timing swim races with Cate


This little girl has definitely thrown Scott off balance, but he's hanging in there and she loves him so much!

Thanks for all you do for your family...we love you :)

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog and he deserves it. His in-laws agree with everything you said and sure are glad he's in the family. Happy Birthday Scott.