Monday, December 7, 2009

Girl vs. Boy

There are so many differences between raising sons and daughters. Some good, some not so good. This weekend, someone asked Scott if having Cate has been a lot different than the boys. He couldn't say "yes" fast enough...he is truly overwhelmed!! Her attitude, dramatics, stubbornness....all things we really didn't experience with our laid back boys. The one thing that stands out that is actually easier with Cate is her love of books, coloring, reading, and writing. She loves to sit in her chair or lay on the ground and line up her pens and pencils and play with her notebook. She can entertain herself for the longest time. This summer at a swim meet, a lady approached Scott and went on (and on) about how impressed she was that Cate can hold a pencil correctly. And I quote, "in my 25 yrs of teaching early childhood, I have never seen such a young child hold their writing utensil so perfectly" was a little strange, but whatever. This probably stands out to me because until the boys started school, they used their 'writing utensils" as weapons rather than to actually write something :)
But, in usual Cate-fashion...she also likes to break the rules and write on things other than her her hands, the floor, Murphy, and her clothes.

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Adriane said...

She's such a good girl!!!! I'm impressed with her writing as well. Go Cate!