Friday, December 4, 2009

Another Interesting Conversation with Brady

I knew this conversation was coming, I've just been trying to avoid it. One of the girls in Brady's class was recently adopted and her parents have changed her name from Mia to Josie. A little strange considering she's 5, but whatever. I have no idea what the circumstances of her adoption were, but I'm assuming foster care to permanent home. Anyway, today, Brady asked me about the car no less, so it couldn't be avoided :)

Brady: How come everyone calls Mia Josie now?
Me: Because her parents changed her name.
Brady: We can change our name if we want?
Me: Well, I think she has a new mommy and daddy and they wanted her name to be Josie.
Brady: You mean we can trade in our parents?!

His last question was asked with the most excited voice...made me wonder what's going on in that big ole' brain of his!

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Adriane said...

hahaha! He's going to trade you guys in! The name change is a bit confusing for 5 year olds.