Tuesday, March 11, 2014

ok, one more Disney post

I know everyone is dying to find out how our transportation to the airport and flight worked out ;)  After all photos were taken and trophies awarded, Scott called his mom to find out the Magical Express was almost 2 hours late in picking them up and we should come back to the hotel to hopefully catch a bus to the airport.  So we did.  When we arrived, they had just been picked up but not before Aunt Fran threatened told the manager in charge that THERE WILL BE another bus waiting for us (me, Scott, Brady and Carter) and we are not to pay for a taxi.  Few people have ever told Fran "no" and lived to tell about it..she gets stuff done!!  There was a taxi-van waiting for us, the manager was told we were there and came running out of the lunchroom with a sandwich still in hand, and comped us our taxi ride to the airport.  Buh-Bam!  Unfortunately, the way it worked out, everyone could have stayed for the final soccer game and still made it to the airport in plenty of time...but of course had we chanced it, it would never have worked out as well. It is what it is :)
We found the rest of our party eating McDonald's in the airport (because six days of chicken strips and fries was not enough?) and I couldn't wait to have a quality fountain soda (Disney is lacking in that area).
Our flight home was much quieter and kind of boring.  At least for me...I got to sit in between Ben and Carter who plugged their Beats into their iPhone and didn't say much til we landed.  Holla!

I like to think my Dad ordered this sunset just for me!!

Back in the Lou!
 And just like that, we were home.  It was another great vacation and the champions trophy was the icing on the cake.  Love all of the memories we've made at Disneyworld the past four years!!!
See you again soon Mickey!!!

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