Sunday, March 30, 2014

cate is six!

On February 8, Cate turned SIX!  Hard to believe.  Like, REALLY REALLY hard to believe.  I can't even think about it, so let's move on.
We spent approx. 44 days celebrating her birthday.  It seemed to never end. I guess when you're subjected to living with three older brothers, you deserve 44 days worth of celebrations. 
Obviously, Cate picked out her party attire
waiting for guests to arrive
Jon's birthday is five days after Cate's and we were so thankful that he was able to come home from Virginia on leave before his first big deployment.  Cate was so excited that he was home for her birthday and said "THANK YOU NAVY FOR KNOWING MY PARTY WAS SO IMPORTANT".  Um, yeah.
We had a yummy family dinner with all of our favorite people...and favorite food.  Including my mom's homemade bread.  It's Scott's favorite and a real treat when she makes it for anything other than Thanksgiving and Christmas!
Trevor loves the bread too :)


In between all of her parties, we made our way to American Girl to add Isabelle to her collection
She chose Pride Cheer gym to host her "kid party" celebration.  The gym is filled with lots of trampolines, gymnastics equipment, and a huge bounce house.  28 friends showed up to jump and play and they all had the best time!
Gabby, Grace, and Cate...picking up where they left off! Friends Forever :)

Bennett was exhausted after running and jumping for sixty whole minutes.  Wuss.

After an hour in the gym, we had 30 minutes in the party room to eat pizza and cupcakes

We did not plan on letting Cate open her gifts there, but we had some extra time and a few of the kids were really wanting to see her open their gift!
So happy these three beauties got to hang out together all afternoon!

Last night after Brady's soccer games, we stopped by Toys R Us to spend the gift cards that were burning a hole in her pocket.  She was super excited about a "shopping spree" and ended up with some really great stuff!

 And now we are officially finished celebrating birthday number six.  Just in time to start planning Bennett's birthday celebration.  I find it humorous that he "will be lucky if we carve out 30 minutes to celebrate me".  Let's all say it together...."Poooooorrrrrr Bennnnnnn"

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