Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Disney Trip- Final Day

Was Monday day 5 or 6?  Was last Wednesday considered Day 1 even though it was our travel day?  I have no idea.  Anyway, Monday was all about soccer (and going home. Boo!)  The final day of the tournament is always a little tricky.  Because we fly out Monday night, we have to be at the airport super early...the Magical Express scheduled pick-ups are 3 hours before the flight.  But...Monday is a "play until you lose" day, so you never know how many games you'll have and since tournament schedules aren't even posted until a week before the trip, it's impossible to know which flight is best to book.  Of course, when there are only a few flights to choose from, you get what you get :)  Which brings me to our Monday dilemma: if Brady made it to the Championship game, we would miss the Magical Express and have to take a taxi to the airport to catch our flight in time.  Magical Express=free.  Taxi=$80.  Winning a World Championship tournament=PRICELESS.

Game 1---->WINNER.  Great game.
Game 2...most nerve wracking game ever.  Semi-finals against a phenomenal team.  We were down  with just a few minutes left and Brady Smallie stepped up and finished that team off like it was his job.  Two amazing goals that even made Carter jump out of his chair (Cate's stroller) and scream "THAT'S MY BROTHER".  Seriously, he really did that. 
Championship Bound Baby!

 Which meant we were going to miss the Magical Express bus to the airport.  After much consideration about who was going where, we decided that me, Scott, and Carter (he was NOT going to miss the final game) would stay with Brady and everyone else would head to the airport.  I had a taxi company # ready to hail a cab once the game was over. 
Final Game----->We won.  Duh.
It was a very melodramatic win, not at all like the semi-final game.  We beat the "Raging Chickens" pretty good to become the 3v3 World Champions.  WOOT! WOOT!  Celebrations are not our coaches thing but great sportsmanship is which explains the lack of celebratory dog piles and parents rushing the field. After shaking hands with the losers victims other team, we made our way to the trophy presentation. 

 Even at Wide World of Sports, Disney does it up right.  They have a red carpet set up for the winners to walk while a DJ announces the team and their accomplishments for a packed crowd. Then they blast the music and the boys dance down the carpet to receive their trophy.  It was a VERY cool moment...something I hope Brady remembers forever.  They are then whisked away to have their photo taken with Mickey Mouse.  As soon as that was done, we raced off to catch a taxi and a plane!



Last picture before leaving the Disney complex!


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